April 9th, 2016
Boylston Hall, Harvard Yard

8:30am-9:30am – Registration

9.30am-10:15am – Opening

Welcome-Evelynn Hammonds, Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science, Professor of African and African American Studies

Keynote Address: Evelyn Higginbotham, Victor S. Thomas Professor of History and African and African American Studies at Harvard University

10.30-11.45– Morning Session  (concurrent sessions)

Session A: Intersecting identities and the Criminal Justice System (Boylston 103)

Judges: Dr. Norm Jones, Professor Chris Winship, Professor Brandon Terry, and Professor Evelynn Hammonds


  • R25 Gillian Slee ”Flawed Justice: A Study of Public Defenders and their Clients in New York City's Criminal Court”
  • R17 Julia Geiger “Incarcerated Identities: Gender, Sexual Violence, and the Transgression of State-Produced Power”
  • R7 Rachel Black “Protecting vs. Policing: Tensions in the Implementation of Court Debt Collection Practices for Indigent Defendants in Rhode Island – An Honors Thesis in Public Policy”
  • R2  Leah Singer “Valuing a Life:  Injury Law and the Calculation of Future Lost Income Capacity”

Session B: Agenda Setting in Public Health (Boylston 105) 

Judges: Professor Doris Sommers, Professor Jasmine Waddell, Professor Mike Ranen, and Professor Dwight Fee


  • R16 Kevin Hilgartner “New World We Livin’ In”: Water Shutoffs, Democracy, and the Future of Post-Bankruptcy Detroit
  • R27 Anumita Das “Individually Rare, Collectively Common: Characterizing the Landscape of Innovation for Rare Diseases”
  • R4 Hanna Amanuel “Female Genital Cutting and Women's Rights Agendas in Eritrea”
  • R14 Bernadette Lim “On the Public Health and Evolutionary Implications of Partner Support on Breastfeeding and Co-sleeping”

11.45-12.45 --  Lunch Ticknor Lounge

 12.45-2pm -- Afternoon Session   (concurrent sessions)

Session A: Social Movements and the Politics of Identity (Boylston 103)

Judges: Dr. Karilyn Crockett, Professor Doris Sommers, Professor Brandon Terry, and Professor Evelynn Hammonds


  • R6 Jenny J. Choi “Die If We Scatter: The Korean American Struggle for Visibility and Political Power”
  • R35 Charlotte Biren “Representational Strategies of Andean Indigeneity in the Global Digital Sphere”
  • R34 Jessica Fournier “Sex Work and Radicalism in Neoliberal Times: The Case of Coyote”
  • R28 Anita Lo “Collective Memories of the I-Hotel in Asian American Social Movements”

 Session B: Economics and Politics: Perspective Matters (Boylston 105)

Judges: Professor Jasmine Waddell, Professor Mike Ranen, Professor Tessa Lowinske Desmond, and Professor Dwight Fee


  • R26 Ava Tomasula y Garcia “Human as Platform: Human Rights and Racial Capitalism”
  • R11 Sofia Jonas “White Cold, Black Flu: The Black Male Unemployment Crisis and Theories of Resilience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin”
  • R29 Reece Sisto “The Sayre Art Initiative: an Exploration of Participatory, Democratic Education Through Arts Showcasing”
  • R21 Georgios Anagnostopoulos “The Untold Tale of Injustice”

2-3pm – Poster Presentations

  • Posters will be displayed in Room 104 & Ticknor Lounge

3:15-4pm:  Closing Ceremony 

  • Closing remarks and prize distribution in Fong Auditorium

Schedule is subject to change