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Engaged Scholarship and Social Justice Conference

Welcome to the official website for the 2017 Engaged Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference!

In 2017, this conference will be held on April 7th and 8th on the campus of Harvard University. Based on the success of this conference, we are adding an additional day for faculty to get an opportunity to present their research on areas related to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. The field of engaged scholarship has been growing exponentially and we would like to showcase the scholarship that is occurring at this campus and those of our fellow institutions. 

The 2017 conference in the process of development and further details will be published here. If you wish to get notification about the conference directly, please send an email to Varsha Ghosh, vghosh@fas.harvard.edu

We look forward to recognizing a new group of prize winners in 2017.  Below are the undergraduate winners from 2016. 

2016 Engaged Scholarship & Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference Prize Winners

 For Undergraduate Research

1st Place ($1000): Rachel Black, Brown University, Title of Paper: Protecting vs. Policing: Tensions in the Implementation of Court Debt Collection Practices for Indigent Defendants in Rhode Island – An Honors Thesis in Public Policy

 2nd place ($500):  Hanna Amanuel, Harvard College, Title of Paper: Female Genital Cutting and Women’s Rights Agendas In Eritrea

 3rd place ($250): Leah Singer, Harvard College,Title of Paper: Valuing a Life: Injury Law and the Calculation of Future Lost Income Capacity

For Poster Presentations:

 1st place $(250): Simone Wien, Dartmouth College, Title of Paper:  for Desegregation, Schooling, and Property Values in New Rochelle, NY

 2nd place ($150): Melinda Runxi Song, Harvard College, Title of Paper:  “Start with the Youth”: Evaluation of a Community-Based HIV Prevention Pilot Program for Boston Youth

 3rd place ($50) (we have a tie): Mekarem Eljamal, University of Michigan-Ann Harbor Title of Paper:  Coptic Participation in the Egyptian Revolution and Prospects for Decreased Marginalization

 3rd place ($50) Sara Beth Harrell, Tulane University, Title of Paper: Evaluating the Effectiveness of New Orleans’ Community Organizers in Addressing the Needs of Low-­Income, Food Insecure Neighborhoods Post Katrina

We look forward to seeing you all next April, 2017 at the next Engaged Scholarship and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Conference!  Come back to this website for updates!